Explore Creativity & Culture with Indigenous Art Workshops

Enhance student creativity and cultural insight through our immersive and empowering Indigenous art workshops and artist-in-residence programs.

Art & Indigenous Culture

As an Indigenous artist, I’ve dedicated my life to interweaving vibrant art with Indigenous culture, creating an educational experience that not only enriches the mind but also the spirit.

I’m a little bit weird!

Unlike other artists, I don’t just paint and teach; I laugh, play, engage, and relate with your students on their level. Together we will transform their understanding of Indigenous culture while they discover their own creative passions. My approach is simple yet powerful: find something you love and never, ever quit. And trust me, it’s contagious. It leaves a lasting impression that resonates not only with the kids but also with you, the educators, and the proud parents.

I love to create art and educate the students, teaching them about the rich tapestry of Indigenous heritage while creating something that will also make their teachers and parents proud.

Where have I been?

I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity to work with so many schools and all of their wonderful students. Here’s a list of some of the schools I have attended this year for workshops and artist-in-residence programs, some more than once!!!

St Matthews Primary – Page, ACT
St Peters and Paul – Goulburn, NSW
Sacred Heart – Cootamundra, NSW
Caboolture East State School, QLD

Mango Hill State School, QLD
Grace Lutheran Secondary, QLD
Queen of Apostles, Stafford, QLD
Ferny Grove State School, QLD
Northgate State School, QLD

Bayview C&K, QLD
Eatons Hill Kindy, QLD
Stafford State School, QLD
Ashgrove Community Kindy, QLD
Churchie Primary, QLD

Let’s have a chat

This is where our adventure begins! Click the link below to fill out the form to check my availability, and let’s paint a vibrant picture of creativity and culture in your school.

I look forward to having a chat with you soon.

Maayubaa Ngindaay (thank you)