If you’re on the hunt for original and reproduction Indigenous artworks that can strike a chord with your discerning clients, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Wendy Rix, and I’ve got a unique collection that folks just adore. It makes it a breeze to charm your clients, amplify your success, and leave an unforgettable mark.

Create Striking Art Statements

It’s time to step away from boring artworks.

As an Indigenous artist, I bring to you a handpicked range of statement pieces that’ll capture the fancy of your clients. Each artwork is steeped in the rich tapestry of Indigenous culture, stirring emotions and transforming any space into a piece of art.

Vibrant Artworks that tell a Powerful Story

Wave goodbye to the challenge of finding artworks that speak to your clients.

My reproductions naturally catch the eye, making the selling process smooth as silk. With my careful craftsmanship and attention to detail, you’ll discover artworks that not only complement your designs but also set you apart as a stylist with exquisite taste.

Joyful Clients and Elevated Success

When your clients are over the moon with their curated spaces, you succeed.

My standout artworks become the heart of any room, leaving your clients in awe. Watch as their joy turns into glowing reviews, referrals, and greater success for you. It’s a win-win!

Collaborate with an Indigenous Artist

Affordable, fine Indigenous art is easy to love!

I have a lifetime of painting behind me and a passion for storytelling and am well known and recognised in the Indigenous art world.

My deep connection to culture, mastery of technique, and ability to create remarkable pieces make me the perfect partner for your next design project.

Have a sticky beak at my work

With a lifetime of painting, it’s tough to pick favourites, but here are some of my standout artworks that demonstrate my variety of styles and stories.

View my current portfolio of original artworks for sale

Happy Clients Means a Flourishing Business.

Access standout original and reproduction artworks that will set you apart and get ready to captivate buyers, make extra commissions, and take your business or career to remarkable new heights.

Contact me now and let’s have a chat about including my art in your designs.

Maayubaa Ngindaay (thank you)
– Wendy