Privacy Policy

Your privacy is super important to us, just like our own. So, here’s our easy-to-understand privacy policy, reflecting the Australian Privacy Principles.

Wendy’s Privacy Promises:

  1. Who’s In Charge Here?

    This Privacy Policy’s all about Wendy Rix (Wensart) – a vibrant business based in Queensland, Australia. If you’re using our website, we reckon you’ve read and are okay with our privacy policy.

  2. What Info Are We Talking About?

    When you purchase from us, sign up to our newsletter, or just get in touch, we’ll need some of your details – your name, address, phone number, email, and payment details. We don’t ask out of curiosity, it’s just to ensure you get what you need!

  3. Why Do We Need It?

    We use your info to process your orders, deliver top-quality customer service, and share with you our latest news and exciting updates. Your info also helps us improve our offerings.

  4. Who Else Gets to See It?

    At times, we share your info with other businesses that help us out (like payment processors and delivery companies). Other than that, your details are our secret, unless you say otherwise or the law says we have to share.

  5. Keeping Your Info Safe:

    We go the extra mile to protect your info from prying eyes, using fancy tech like SSL encryption to secure your payment info when you buy from our website.

  6. Want to Peek at Your Info or Change It?

    You’ve got every right to look at or change your personal info. Just reach out to us and we’ll sort you out.

  7. Where Do We Keep It?

    Your info stays safe on our secure servers in Australia. We keep it as long as necessary to serve you or as the law requires.

  8. Our Cookie Policy:

    We use cookies on our site to make your browsing experience a breeze and our marketing more relevant. You can switch off cookies in your web settings, but keep in mind, our site may not work as smoothly without them.

  9. Changes to Our Privacy Policy:

    We might need to change this policy from time to time. We’ll post any changes on our website, and your continued use of our site means you’re good with the new version.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided on our website or by using the contact form at

Cheers, and thanks for trusting us with your privacy!