If you’re on the lookout for exclusive Indigenous artworks that can effortlessly charm your discerning clientele and are a breeze to sell, then you’ve found your spot!

I’m Wendy Rix, and I bring to you a carefully selected range that’s always a hit, making it simpler than ever to build an extraordinary art collection and ramp up those sales.

A Regular Flow of Indigenous Art Gems

For a brief window, you can secure a regular flow of standout Indigenous art pieces.

As an Indigenous artist, I create engaging artworks that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

With an unyielding love for my craft, I constantly deliver noteworthy pieces that lift any art collection to new levels.

Vibrant Artworks that tell a Powerful Story

Say goodbye to the struggles of finding valuable artworks that speak to your clientele.

My exclusive pieces naturally catch the eye, making the selling process smooth as silk.

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Valuable Exclusivity to give you the Edge

As an art curator, gallery owner, or art reseller, you appreciate the significance of offering unique and valuable pieces.

My artworks provide the exclusivity you’re after, allowing you to cater to the sophisticated tastes of your clientele.

Watch as your collection turns into a sanctuary for art lovers and a go-to destination for those seeking exceptional value.

The Artist Telling Powerful Personal Stories

I paint what I feel, what I know and what I have been taught from my family. I strive to create and share these stories.

My unwavering dedication to creating valuable and exclusive art sets me apart.

Working with me ensures a steady supply of standout pieces that will elevate your business and leave a lasting mark on your patrons.

Have a sticky beak at my work

With a lifetime of painting, it’s tough to pick favourites, but here are some of my standout artworks that demonstrate my variety of styles and stories.

View my current portfolio of original artworks for sale

Partnering for Success

Get exclusive access to vibrant and valuable Indigenous artworks that will set you apart from the crowd. Transform your art collection and get set to wow your clientele, and drive more sales, as a premier destination for remarkable Indigenous art.

Contact me now and let’s have a chat about a new chapter and partnering for success.

Maayubaa Ngindaay (thank you)

– Wendy