Yaama! Hello!

I’m Wendy Rix, a visual artist with a vibrant spirit, painting my stories from the beautiful Queensland, Australia. My roots trace back to Goodooga, New South Wales, a place I fondly call home. I’m a proud descendant of the Yuwaalaraay people and I carry their warmth, strength and wisdom in every stroke of my brush.

Yuwaalaraay mob

Do you know the name of the traditional custodians of the land that you are on today?

My mob are from Nhunggabarra country – speakers of Yuwaalaraay. So we call ourselves Yuwaalaraay mob. I am very grateful to live on Gubbi Gubbi country, it is a beautiful part of the world.

My story

Painting for me isn’t just about creating art. It’s a spiritual journey, a therapy, and a conversation with my soul. My paintings bloom from music, nature, feelings, and a myriad of everyday moments that inspire me. From my past to my present, and hopes for the future, they all find a place on my canvas. I don’t always plan my paintings – they grow with me, like a tree, each new branch a story waiting to be told.

Now, you might be curious how I ended up here. Life, in its unpredictable charm, led me through different paths before bringing me to my true passion. I was a nurse, worked at an Aboriginal Medical Centre, and even owned a lawn mowing business! But the pull of the canvas was always there, a guiding star leading me home.

Today, I’m living my dream as a full-time artist. And oh, what a colourful dream it is! From originals gracing walls around the globe, to designs breathing life into clothing and fabric ranges, my art has found its way into hearts far and wide. Some folks even carry my stories on their skin as tattoos!

Living on Gubbi Gubbi country, I’m deeply grateful for this beautiful corner of the world that nurtures my creativity. My mission? To sprinkle hope and peace into the world through my art. My vision? To see that spark of inspiration ignite in you when you connect with my stories.

Remember, there’s always another way to reach your dreams, even if it means taking baby steps. Through sharing my story, I hope to inspire you to embrace yours. Dive into this colourful journey with me, and let’s create a world filled with beauty, understanding, and most importantly, love.

My Family

My family come from a small town called Goodooga, in NSW. Its about 20km from the NSW border. The closest towns are Brewarrina, Lightning Ridge and Angledool in NSW, and Hebel in QLD. My mum, and her parents were born in Goodooga and surrounds, and my dad was from Walgett, but moved to Goodooga later on. His mum was born in Goodooga too. It’s one of my most favourite places in the world and I will always call it home.

Photo album

Come for a little walk down memory lane. This section is a special one, full of snapshots from my childhood and family gatherings in Goodooga, a small town that will forever hold my heart. Have a look around and soak up the atmosphere of my roots. It’s the heart and soul of all that I do. So, come on in and get to know the stories behind my stories. You’re always welcome here!

Check out my artworks

Well now you’ve met the whole family and seen my place, maybe I should take you for a wander through my art collection! Each piece tells its own story, bursting with a rich essence of Indigenous culture. They’re not just for gawking at – they speak to your soul.